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BIRD COMB - Approved Installers

Nesting birds under roof tiles can cause great damage. By pecking away at the roofing felt, rain water could leak onto the roof timbers and into the loft resulting in damp and rot which are often very expensive to treat. Sometimes, affected individuals or businesses may have to replace their entire roof as a result of their activities. To prevent this from happening and stop winged intruders and other unwanted visitors, Bird Comb protection is required underneath tiles.

Bird Comb provides an effective barrier which prevents birds from entering your roof space and nesting thereby providing suitable ventilation. However, when installing bird combs, it is vital to ensure that it is done professionally to prevent any alignment problems. At QFI Roofline Scotland, we know how important it is to prevent birds from entering and nesting in the spaces underneath your tile profiles. This is why our experienced Bird Comb installation services ensure that adequate barrier is created against birds, vermin and other large insects. We will also ensure that the underside of profiled tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs remain protected by using quality materials that are durable and resistant to decay.

We are committed to providing the very best products with the very best levels of installation and after care service.

QFI Roofline are Approved Installers of Bird Guard products.